Guest Scholarships 2012


Announcement forwarded on behalf of Prof. Inken Prohl (Heidelberg University)

Guest Scholarships 2012 CRC 933 “Material Text Cultures”
The Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) 933 “Material Text Cultures. Materiality and Presence of Writing in Non-Typographic Societies” has been established by the German Research Founda- tion in July 2011 at Heidelberg University (collaborating partner: College of Jewish Studies, Hei- delberg). Researchers working in the field of cultural studies will investigate the material presence of writing in “non-typographic societies” that do not possess any or any widespread methods for the mass production of writing. Based on this investigation, those receptive practices are pre- sented which in all probability took place at the writing due to its material presence. The ‘material text cultures’ thus identified in non-typographical societies will then be systematically described and compared with those of typographical societies. The fundamental research by the CRC 933 “Material Text Cultures” on text-bearing artefacts, especially those of the circum-Mediterranean zone, will be performed within a conceptual framework that has been developed from recent ap- proaches in cultural studies.
The Research Training Group „Text Anthropology“ of the CRC 933 is now looking for guest gradu- ate students with outstanding qualifications who can show that participating in the interdisciplinary research of the CRC 933 “Material Text Cultures” will be beneficial to their doctoral project and to the CRC 933. The Research Training Group offers a monthly scholarship of 1.250 Euros starting on October 1st 2012. Furthermore, it supports scholarship holders in offering graduate courses and individual mentoring. The scholarship is granted for one year.

Applicants, who should hold an M.A. or equivalent in a discipline of the humanities with an above- average grade, should send their written applications (including a CV, a letter of intent, a project proposal and a letter of recommendation from their supervisor) with reference to “CRC 933” by July 15th 2012 at the latest to SFB 933 „Materiale Textkulturen“, Heidelberg Zentrum Kul- turelles Erbe, Marstallstraße 6, 69117 Heidelberg/Germany. We regret that we cannot return application documents sent to us by regular mail. Details may be requested at
The University of Heidelberg actively seeks to raise the proportion of female employees in all pre- viously under-represented areas. In keeping with this, applications are particularly requested from women with the appropriate qualifications. In the case of equal qualifications, severely disabled persons will receive priority.

Prof. Dr. Inken Prohl • Integriertes Graduiertenkolleg „Text-Anthropologie“ Sonderforschungsbereich 933 • Marstallstraße 6 • D-69117 Heidelberg