Quaderni di studi Indo-mediterranei. Call for papers

Le Tre Anella
Al crocevia spirituale tra Ebraismo, Cristianesimo e Islam

Dear Colleagues,
the Board of Editors of the interdisciplinary journal Quaderni di Studi Indo-Mediterranei (http://www2.lingue.unibo.it/studi indo-mediterranei/ ; (http://qusim.arts.ubc.ca/) is soliciting contributions to its sixth thematic volume, scheduled to appear in 2013. This issue will contain twelve to fifteen essays addressing the theme of the cultural and religious interactions between Hebraism, Christianity and Islam.

Please send proposals for essays (250 to 350 words) accompanied by a bio- bibliographical sketch to Alessandro Grossato (alessandro.grossato@lett.unitn.it), by September 30, 2012.
Quaderni di Studi Indo-Mediterranei accepts proposals and essays in all major European languages. The editors of the volume will strive for a balanced and diversified table of contents. They will confirm accepted submissions by December 2, 2012. Subsequently, the final deadline for submitting the completed essays will be June 1, 2013. The average length recommended for each contribution is of 6,000 words, with a maximum length allowed of 7,000 words, including footnotes and bibliographical references.